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Nearly 20,000 physicians across 30 specialties reported their earnings and opinions about their careers to Medscape for its 2019 Physician Salary Report. Specialists spend about 40 hours per week...
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In the early 1960s, the demand for dialysis outweighed its availability, which meant many patients with end-stage renal disease (ESRD) or chronic kidney disease were turned away from treatment. ...
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08 Jul 2019
Where You Live Can Influence Your Choice for a Vascular Access
Historically, there have been significant differences in the choice of a vascular access between Europe, Canada, and...
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03 Jul 2019
What the European Guidelines Tell Us About Pre-Operative Vascular Access Imaging
In their comprehensive 2018 Clinical Practice Guidelines for Vascular Access the European Society for Vascular...
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01 Jul 2019
5 Surprising Stats About Physician Happiness
Physicians are generally pretty happy, according to new data from the 2019 AAFP/CompHealth Physician Happiness Survey
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26 Jun 2019
Access to Health Care in the U.S.
Access to health services is defined as "the timely use of personal health services to achieve the best health...
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24 Jun 2019
Kidney Care News to Know
California’s Legislation of Dialysis Profit Restriction Could Cause DaVita to Lose Up to $40 Million DaVita has...
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19 Jun 2019
Can Soft Skills Make You a Better Physician?
What are the most important skills a physician can possess? Patients and fellow healthcare professionals would...
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17 Jun 2019
Preventing One Million Heart Attacks and Strokes in the U.S.
Almost two million Americans suffer heart attacks and strokes each year. Heart disease and strokes account for about...
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12 Jun 2019
Does the Sunshine Act Affect Patient Trust?
Although it was developed to increase transparency and facilitate communications, some healthcare professionals...
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