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31 Aug 2020

Transonic Upstate Medical Collaborators Develop ECMO Specialist Certification Process

For more than 15 years Transonic has collaborated with Syracuse Upstate Medical professors and certified clinical...
27 Aug 2020

Why Measure Blood Flow?

One might ask, “What is so important about blood flow?” The answer is clear. Blood flow is the flow of life! As...
26 Aug 2020

University of Iowa Clinicians Evaluate Efficacy of Flow Monitoring during ECMO

Eighteen-percent of extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) therapy experience oxygenator-related complications...
24 Aug 2020

AmSECT Sets Standards, Creates Guidelines for Extracorporeal Technology

The American Society of ExtraCorporeal Technology (AmSECT) was founded in 1964 to foster improved patient care and...
05 Aug 2020


As coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) continues its deadly sweep across the globe, the interplay between the role...
17 Jun 2020

Transonic’s ELSA Monitor Featured on PerfWeb

VV ECMO, or veno-venous ECMO, primarily supports lung function. VV ECMO support can be obtained several ways....
25 May 2020

Meet Sierra Coyle: Transonic’s Clinical Application Specialist

Sierra Coyle, MS, RRT-NPS, originally wanted to be a nurse. As a high school senior, she participated in a program...
01 May 2020

Recirculation at the Bedside: Quantifying and Managing with Transonic’s ELSA Monitor

Recirculation is a known complication of VV ECMO. Long-lasting periods of recirculation reduces the delivery of...
29 Apr 2020

Critical COVID-19 Cases Challenge ECMO Centers with Increased Clotting

Doctors in China, the Netherlands and the United States have collectively published reports signifying an increase...