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Mechanical Circulatory Support news and insights from Transonic


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The ELSAphant in the Room

A Historical Review of Mechanical Circulatory Support Devices

Circulatory Support Devices in Action

Mechanical Circulatory Support Devices That Make a Difference

How to Limit Complications From ECMO

Popularity of VV ECMO Continues to Soar

Interest Grows in LAVA-ECMO

Measurements That Matter in ECMO Pediatrics Care

How to Provide the Best ECMO Care with the Staff You Have

Top Ways to Support Perfusionists

Benefits of ELSA at Time of Cannulation

Using Technology to Optimize ECMO Care for Children

When Veno-Venous ECMO Recirculation Counts

ECMO vs. Ventilation for COVID-19 Patients

Receive Continuing Education Credits for Transonic-sponsored Webinar “ECMO Management of Oxygenator Clotting”

How to Create a Successful Modified ECMO Staffing Model

Transonic Upstate Medical Collaborators Develop ECMO Specialist Certification Process

Why Measure Blood Flow?

University of Iowa Clinicians Evaluate Efficacy of Flow Monitoring during ECMO

AmSECT Sets Standards, Creates Guidelines for Extracorporeal Technology


Transonic’s ELSA Monitor Featured on PerfWeb

Recirculation at the Bedside: Quantifying and Managing with Transonic’s ELSA Monitor

Critical COVID-19 Cases Challenge ECMO Centers with Increased Clotting

ECMO Shows Promise in Saving COVID-19 Patients’ Lives

New to the Spotlight: Respiratory Therapists

Severe ARDS Management Considerations

Intubating the COVID-19 Patient

Popularity of VV ECMO Expected to Soar

Transonic Provides Critical Measures for Covid-19 Patients

ELSA Monitor Used to Optimize ECMO Flow in 10-Year-Old Child

Oxygenator Clotting during ECMO Can Be Tracked with New Transonic Measurement Capability

ELSA Monitor Optimizes ECMO Delivery in Critically Ill

Safeguard Your ECMO Program with the ELSA Monitor

How Charles Lindberg Developed First Perfusion Pump

Do Adult ECMO Outcomes Depend on Institutional Volume?

The Evolving Role of the Cardiac Perfusionist: 3 Trends to Watch

Is Working as a Locum Tenens Perfusionist Right for You?

How ECMO Saved Baby Esperanza

How the Death of JFK’s Son Ignited Interest in ECMO

Ultrasound Dilution Technology: What Is it and How Does It Work?

What You Need to Know About ECMO for Adults

Perfusion Safety: 7 Steps You Need to Know