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01 Sep 2021

Kidney Care Groups Release Position Statement on Kidney-Related Research in the U.S.

Kidney disease affects over 37 million Americans, and Medicare spending for kidney disease patients exceeds $130...
30 Aug 2021

Kidney Care News to Know

Financial Penalties for Dialysis Centers Do Not Increase Performance A study from the Annals of Internal Medicine...
30 Jul 2021

Why do Japanese Hemodialysis Patients Live Longer than their American & European Counterparts?

It has been observed that Japanese hemodialysis (HD) patients live longer than HD patients in North America and...
14 Jul 2021

Kidney Care News to Know

Plant-Based Milk Acceptable for CKD Patients Researchers found that oat, rice, macadamia and soy milk were most...
12 Jul 2021

Video: KDOQI Vascular Access Guidelines & ESKD Life Plan

The ESKD Life Plan is a new concept in the KDOQI guidelines. The Life Plan is meant to individualize the patient’s...
17 Jun 2021

Heart Disease in Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)

Heart failure from cardiovascular complications not only shortens the life (mortality) of end-stage kidney disease...
07 Jun 2021

Kidney Care News to Know

Living Organ Donor Legislation Introduced in Congress The legislation would make living organ donation easier by...
19 Apr 2021

Kidney Care News to Know

Biden Administration Announces $10 Billion Investment to Get COVID Vaccines to Highest Risk Communities The...
24 Mar 2021

Kidney Care News to Know

Patients with ESRD and Their Caregivers Should Receive Priority for COVID-19 Vaccine