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24 Sep 2021

It's Not Just Blood That Flows Through Our Probes

As one of the application specialists working at Transonic, the exciting part of my job is helping to develop new...
07 Sep 2021

Spinal Cord Injury Models

, via Wikimedia Commons"...
25 Aug 2021

Webinar: Heart Rate Control by Ivabradine or Esmolol in Septic Shock Part 2

On June 29th, we had the pleasure to again listen and learn from Dr. Antoine Herpain, ICU physician and scientist in...
10 Aug 2021

Education - At the Heart of Transonic

For almost 40 years, Transonic has been a leader in the life science space, delivering quality data for researchers...
20 Jul 2021

The Heart of Meaningful Measurements: How the Organ Care System Can Save Lives

In our research blog series, we have discussed a variety of topics so far. From technical explanations about how...
08 Jul 2021

Synergies in the Lab – Transit-Time Flow Measurement

In my last blog, I touched on Pressure-Volume loop data collection when used in conjunction with other volume-based...
22 Jun 2021

Cardiovascular Reflexes and Regional Blood Flows – Dr. Kaur Webinar Highlights

On May 11, Dr. Jasdeep Kaur presented a live webinar on the topic of “Muscle Metaboreflex and Arterial Baroreflex:...
15 Jun 2021

Webinar: Heart Rate Control by Ivabradine or Esmolol in Septic Shock

A growing body of evidence supports the hypothesis that tachycardia in critical care patients with circulatory shock...
24 May 2021

Synergies in the Lab – PV Loops Finally Playing Nice with Other Modalities

When I started out in the industry, I had a Medical Science/Physiology double major undergraduate degree from the...