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19 Jan 2022

Keys to Successful Flow Measurement: Flow to Perfection

The quality of any measurement depends on the equipment, the user’s understanding of how this equipment works and...
11 Jan 2022

Welcome 2022: Saying Goodbye to Old Traditions

As we enter 2022, I believe all of us, in some way, have an opportunity to reflect on the past year’s...
21 Dec 2021

Doppler – A Shift in Perspective

Ultrasound transit-time technology to measure absolute volumetric flow is often confused with Doppler based velocity...
07 Dec 2021

Whole-Organ Bioengineering: The Future of Transplantation Medicine

On Tuesday, November 16th 2021, Dr. Pedro M. Baptista joined our client lead webinar series to discuss the...
17 Nov 2021

International Prematurity Awareness Day

The 17th of November marks International Prematurity Awareness Day . This day was brought to life in 2008 by the...
11 Nov 2021

The Potential of Cardiac Function to Enhance the Machine Learning of Coronary Microvascular Disease

On October 19, 2021, our Research Division continued our client-lead webinar series that, much like our blog series,...
19 Oct 2021

Going with the Flow – With and Without Gravity

On September 16, 2021 Inspiration4, a SpaceX mission to successfully launch 4 private citizens into a geocentric...
24 Sep 2021

It's Not Just Blood That Flows Through Our Probes

As one of the application specialists working at Transonic, the exciting part of my job is helping to develop new...
07 Sep 2021

Spinal Cord Injury Models

, via Wikimedia Commons"...