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15 Sep 2020

Dr. Potus presents webinar on Right Ventricle PV Loops for Studying PAH

On August 25, 2020, our Research Division continued our client-lead webinar series that, much like our blog series,...
10 Sep 2020

Transonic Life Science Research Overview Webinar

Transonic’s research product line is used in the fields of cardiovascular hemodynamics, translational research,...
03 Sep 2020

Publication Review: Pressure-Volume Loops

The simultaneous measurement of ventricular pressure and volume continues to play a pivotal role in a wide range of...
04 Aug 2020

Transonic Webinar Series – Dr. Christopher West

On June 25, 2020, our Research Division launched a new client-lead webinar series that, much like our blog series,...
21 Jul 2020

Understanding Animal Models in Translational Research

During the last decades, basic and translational research have used animal models to explore pathophysiological...
23 Jun 2020

Translational Research & Why You Should Care about Functional Parameters in Your Research.

We often do not feel well when physiological processes in our body are disturbed, as when we are sick or injured. ...
02 Jun 2020

How Research Scientists are Shifting to Work with the New Normal

In recent months, the coronavirus has led to the unprecedented shutdown of many research institutions around the...
19 May 2020

A Researcher’s Life during COVID-19: Part 2

As one of Transonic’s application specialists, I very much enjoy working together with my former academic colleagues...
12 May 2020

Transonic’s Mission is to “Advance Meaningful Measurements”

Since the very beginning, helping clinicians, researchers and biomedical engineers make measurements that are...